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The really funny person is TOP. This one time, I woke up in the morning to find TOP hyung passed out with his face buried in a cake. I seriously thought he had died. When Youngbae hyung shook him to wake him up, he fell to the ground with a thud. We were so shocked that we were going to call the ambulance, but he just slid up and walked to his room. It was like the huge twist in a movie where someone you think is dead comes back to life. (laughs)

Daesung . Read more: http://www.bigbangupdates.com/2010/03/daesung-even-for-just-day-i-wanna-live.html#ixzz1xEJxyem1 (via doe-eyed-dame)

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[ENG SUB] 140424 Kim Jaejoong TRIANGLE Interview 2 - Character Introduction (by triangle2014)

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why…… i dont even
criticizing Yunho
that he is fat
he gave a really cool performance but only commenting he is getting fat

like why


27/? Kim Jaejoong’s unreal perfection

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triangle  (´ε` )♡

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